Over 20 social ventures register on SSEs; wait for offer documents

India’s unique experiment of a Social Stock Exchange (SSE) is gathering steam, as many not-for-profit and social organizations have shown interest in listing on the platform. So far, over 20 social ventures have expressed their interest in listing on the new platform with more to follow.

At present, organisations are only able to register on the platform. The format for offer documents and fundraising is yet to be released. It will only be possible to start fundraising or see any outcomes on the platform once this is done.

Currently, more than 20 different social organisations have registered under the SSE platform of both NSE and BSE exchanges. Here are the details:

1. Development Management Foundation

This organisation is listed on both NSE and BSE. It is an educational institution founded to create, strengthen and establish development management.

2. Gramalaya Trust

It operates in the field of water, sanitation, and hygiene in rural, urban, coastal and tribal areas. It is listed on NSE.

3. Grey Sim Learning Foundation

Listed on NSE, the Foundation provides vocational skills and products to increase the employability and productivity of the youth.

4. Krushi Vikas Va Gramin Prashikshan Sanstha

Listed on NSE, this organisation aims at the betterment of rural, semi-rural, and diversifying urban communities depending on agri and nonfarm-based activities for their livelihood.

5. Lighthouse Communities Foundation

The foundation, listed on BSE, enables livelihoods for all.

6. Masoom Trust

Listed on NSE, it empowers, strengthen and transform night schools to empower youth.

7. Missing Link Trust

It is listed on both NSE and BSE and engages with the public on the issue of sex trafficking and missing girl child.

8. Mukti

It is listed on NSE and helps the poor and distressed across the globe.

9. Opportunity Foundation Trust

It is listed on both NSE and BSE and works to help lift girl children out of poverty through education.

10. People’s Rural Education Movement

Listed on BSE, it is working for the development of Adivasi (indigenous), Dalit, Fisher folk and other marginalized communities of Odisha and neighbouring states of India.

11. Possit Skill Organisation

Listed on both NSE and BSE, it supports unemployed youth to harness their talent and develop their market-oriented skills.

12. Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust

Listed on NSE, this trust looks at tackling the problems of poverty in Mumbai, especially among young children.

13. Saath Charitable Trust

Listed on BSE, it works with the deprived communities and empowers the socially marginalised by providing them livelihood services, and imparts skills.

14. Score Livelihood Foundation

Listed on NSE, it empowers communities with sustainable and inclusive livelihood options.

16. SGBS Unnati Foundation

Listed on both NSE and BSE, it works towards equipping underprivileged youths and providing employment.

17. Supporting Association for Thematic and Holistic Initiatives (SATHI)

Listed on BSE, it helps improving the lives of individuals, especially women and children.

18. United Way of Delhi

Listed on NSE, it helps individuals achieve their potential through education, financial stability, and access to health.

19. United Way Mumbai

Listed on NSE, it helps individuals achieve their potential through education, financial stability, and access to health.

20. Voice Society

Listed on NSE, it is a Voluntary Action Group of Academicians, Professionals and Volunteers who work to raise awareness amongst Indian consumers about their own Consumer Rights.

The other social organisations listed on the stock exchanges include Vatsalya Trust, Samvedna Development Society, and Shri JagatBharti Education and Charitable Trust.

An SSE is an electronic fundraising platform that allows an alternative fundraising option for social enterprises. Meanwhile, the listing process for SSEs works similarly to an initial public offering (IPO). The difference here is instead of allotted shares, participants will get Zero Coupon Zero Principal (ZCZP) instruments.

At present, the social-development sector in India receives funding through multiple sources spanning corporate social responsibility (CSR), philanthropy, government funding and retail charity. An SSE would attempt to bring coherence across to diverse platforms with uniform frameworks of funding, utilisation, impact-creation, measurement, disclosures, and reporting.

It may be noted that the BSE received a final approval from the regulator SEBI to launch SSE as a separate segment in December 2022, while NSE in February this year.

This concept is still very new to India and was introduced by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in her Union Budget speech for the financial year 2019-20. Globally, countries like Brazil, Canada, Jamaica, Portugal, South Africa, Singapore and the UK already have established SSEs.
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