About Us

We at the CSR Voice are a group of dedicated journalists, writers, investigators and researchers who believe in highlighting every action that helps communities and groups to serve as an example for more people to help promote the goodness of things.

We think that every reasonable effort must be appreciated, reported and replicated by others so that the chain of examples helps promote and preserve this world the way it was intended to be my nature.

Our team travels to reach every nook and corner where Corporates are involved in CSR activity. Having verified the genuineness of projects, we report them as stories for our readers and others seeking inspiration.

Our stories and write-ups on the website catalyze inspiration for more and more people to come out and do good for the world and its habitants, may this be in the form of providing education to children, health infrastructure to the unreachable, vocational training to the breadwinners, water to the parched earth or cleaning up of the environment for all living beings.

This team of committed professionals brings forth things as they happen to differentiate between claims and reality.
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