PepsiCo Foundation organizes tree plantation drive in Mathura

On the occasion of World Environment Day, Pandit Jagat Ram Memorial Force Trust and PepsiCo Foundation organized a tree plantation drive in Sacholi village of Nandgaon block in Mathura district, Uttar Pradesh.

“It is everyone's responsibility to save the environment and driving public awareness is the most effective way to bring this much-needed change," said UP cabinet minister Nardev Chaudhary said on the occasion.

The villagers of the countryside must make a valuable contribution in planting trees and stop cutting down the trees to ensure that our earth is green and full of trees, he said and added planting trees is the most necessary action one can take to make the vision of green earth a reality.

PepsiCo India, Chief Government Affairs and Communications Officer Garima Singh said: "We encourage communities to join hands and make the sustainable protection of our environment a top priority, enabling us to achieve this goal.”

 Also present at the event, Rajkumar Pathak, Range Officer, Forest Department, urged citizens to take a pledge to plant trees every year and Vijay Kumar Agarwal, BDO of Nandgaon Block, educated the attendees on the importance of saving the environment, driving awareness among communities on protecting trees and plants.

 During the program, poster-making competition and flower-pot painting was conducted along with a rally to educate the villagers on the changing effects of the environment. Workers from Pandit Jagat Ram Memorial Force Trust also contributed to the various activities held on-ground to celebrate World Environment Day.
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