Cement giants Ambuja and ACC to clean BBMB lake in Himachal Pradesh

Cement giants, Ambuja Cements and ACC Limited, have jointly announced a mammoth project to remove plastic waste by commissioning its second phase of bubble barrier technology in BBMB Lake located in Sunder Nagar, Himachal Pradesh. The cleaning project will be undertaken by the in-house waste management arm, Geocycle.

Bubble Barrier is an intelligent and non-invasive technology used to remove plastic from the water bodies, reducing the problem of marine plastic pollution in our country.

The CEO India Holcim and Managing Director cum CEO of Ambuja Cements. Neeraj Akhoury said, “We are committed to building a sustainable future by adopting clean and green technologies. Our efforts and expertise in co-processing have created a unique solution to sustainable disposal of the marine plastic waste that creates pollution. This initiative will also contribute towards promoting a circular economy. Taking this mission ahead, we will continue our efforts to implement this innovative technology across the country.”

The company has received a NOC from BBMB to install this innovative technology which will remove approximately 1500 tonnes per year of waste from the lake.

The BBMB Lake has been floating with light organic material, which has been accumulated over the years resulting in choking at the discharge point of the lake. The Company’s Geocycle Bubble Barrier technology will collect plastic and lighter materials like floating debris, organic wastes, etc., from the lake, thus reducing the chances of choking.

This technology has been installed in Himachal Pradesh with ACC Gagal Plant, which will serve as the co-processing centre for the plastic recovered from the lake. This project aims to co-process only a non-recyclable portion of the material collected, thus moving it to the existing waste disposal site of Sunder Nagar.

The recovered recyclable plastics will be sent to recycling facilities. In contrast, the non-recyclable plastics will be taken to Geocycle’s facility for pre-processing, then co-processing in ACC cement kilns at the Gagal plant.

The collection of plastics from leaking into the rivers will help the local community around the plant. Furthermore, the company has commissioned its pilot project in Agra, which has removed 500 tonnes of plastic waste from the Yamuna River. The company has recently received a NOC from Varanasi Municipal Corporation to install another bubble barrier technology.
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