Ambuja Cement saves 70 mln litres water at construction sites with water conservation efforts

Ambuja Cement saves 70 mln litres water at construction sites with water conservation efforts
Taking a lead in the industry’s efforts to tackle the effects of climate change, Ambuja Cement Ltd on Wednesday said it has saved 70 million litres of water at its construction sites with focus on water conservation efforts.

In 2020, Ambuja facilitated the installation of Rooftop Rain Water Harvesting systems at 268 construction sites, Modular Curing at 2391 construction sites and Concrete Mix Proportion services at 14271 construction sites, the company said in a statement.

“These initiatives (Concrete Mix proportions, Modular Curing, and Rainwater Harvesting) have helped Ambuja in saving 70 million litres of water,” it added.

Ambuja Cements Managing Director and CEO Neeraj Akhoury said: “The scope and opportunities for creating a sustainable future are immense. ….I am pleased with the progress that we have made through our efforts, and we will continue to put into action the bolder plans for emission reduction, resource optimisation and water conservation to build a sustainable future of India.”

As part of the global organisation, Holcim, Ambuja Cement’s ambition is to be a part of the solution to the sustainability challenges faced today, he said.

In 2020, Ambuja Cement also developed and revived 83 water harvesting and recharging structures and 14 dams for the benefit of the community, amounting to a storage capacity of 600 million litres, taking the total count to 14060 water harvesting and recharge structures, 458 check dams and 59240 million litres, respectively.

Last year, Ambuja Cement reduced its carbon footprint to 531 kg CO2/tonne of cement and reused 8.2 million tonne of waste in cement production. Furthermore, it also reduced the freshwater withdrawal up to 77 litres/tonne of cementitious material, and added 3 lakh new beneficiaries under its community outreach programmes.

Green energy is another focus area for Ambuja as the company has invested Rs 525 crores towards Waste Heat Recovery Systems (WHRS), which reduces its conventional fuel consumption.

Ambuja Cements is a member of Holcim, the global leader in innovative and sustainable building solutions.

Among the leading cement companies in India with a capacity of 29.65 million tonne, Ambuja Cement has five integrated cement manufacturing plants and eight cement grinding units across the country.
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