Underprivileged kids in Gurugram's Bhawani Enclave to get schooling via foundation project

Whiteland Foundation announced on Monday it has adopted a school for underprivileged children in Gurugram in collaboration with BG Foundation, marking its first major initiative in the child education sector.
The project, located in Bhawani Enclave near Basai village, will provide non-formal education to 150 children aged 6 to 14 years from migrant worker families who are currently not enrolled in schools, the foundations said in a joint statement.

It was inaugurated by Whiteland Foundation trustees Priyanka Sardana and Karishma Kaul Babbar.

"Education is the birthright of every child," said Kaul Babbar. "Our adoption of this school and commitment to providing quality education will have a transformational impact on society."

The long-term initiative spanning 3-5 years aims to integrate the children into the formal schooling system. It will also feature a computer centre to teach basic computing skills.

Teachers from the local community will conduct baseline assessments of students' educational levels and start with building rapport and interest before formal lessons based on structured modules.

BG Foundation currently operates two schools accommodating 150 students and focuses on education, skill development and disaster management for disadvantaged children and youth.
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